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Adult Internship Program

Adult Internship Program


Canada Linc


This program is designed to provide internship experience for international adults who require an international work placement as part of their degree requirement. It is also ideal for those wishing to gain expertise in their field through internship experience.

Placements are based on individual needs and requirements. Each placement is tailored to provide specific experience in a particular industry or area of interest.

Canada Linc will also organize housing or a host family placement if required.

Past participants have worked in the following:
  • Retail environment
  • Office work
  • Web design
  • Law firms
  • Museums
  • Animal shelters
  • and a variety of other sectors.

Our Main Teachers

Our teachers are certified through the Ontario College of Teachers. They are engaging, dynamic and creative with the concepts they teach, and use a variety of hands on, experiential learning strategies to make English learning fun! They create memorable experiences in the classroom and we see dramatic results in English language acquisition from when students arrive to when they complete our programs!

Price : Free


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